Between our three kids, we're on the road most days heading to games and matches at a field, pool, court, or rink. Many of these competitions are far away, in remote locations, and during weather I'd rather not be subjected to! During my tenure as an SM (Sports Mom!), I've learned what must-haves items are most important to have on hand at all times.

I keep these items in a waterproof bag in my car:

Extra water: On really hot days, extra water is a must. It's also not a bad idea to keep extra in the car in case of a break-down.

Snacks: Even though there are concession stands at most sporting events, I prefer to pack my own (healthy!) snacks. Cut up fruits, veggies, and cheeses help me avoid the ice cream sandwiches. Sometimes.

Sunblock: We all know doctors recommend wearing sunblock every day, but it's especially important if your sporting event is outdoors. I suggest buying the economy-size bottle because players and parents alike will forget theirs and flock to yours!

First-aid kit: Even though coaches and concession stands are normally well-equipped with ice and bandages, I keep my own stash just in case. Ointment, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, hydrogen peroxide, tweezers, and various size bandages come in handy on and off the field.

Blanket: If you've spent any amount of time in a hockey rink, you understand the need for a blanket! Outdoor sports may not necessarily call for covering up, but a waterproof blanket is perfect for sitting on as you take in a baseball or soccer game.

Portable cell phone charger: Who even talks on their cellphone anymore?! Our phones capture photos, take video, give directions, warn of impending weather-they must stay charged! Portable chargers are small and take up very little room, so throw two in your bag just in case!

I keep these things in my trunk:

Fold-up chairs in a bag: Portable chairs have sure changed. Gone are the days of undersized metal seats; today, they're full-size, soft fabric with cup holders, and some of them even come with footrests and umbrella roofs! The best part is that they come in their own bag you can sling over your shoulder, freeing up a hand that's likely full of other stuff.

Umbrella: Always keep a golf umbrella in the trunk. The whole team will likely gather under it during a rain delay.

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