Tips for Avoiding Car Sickness

There's nothing worse than being cooped up in a vehicle and feeling it. The nausea, the sweating, the swaying that starts in the ears, dizziness in the head.

Here are some tips to ward off symptoms before they start.

Do not eat beforehand: Whether by plane, train, or automobile, your best chance of avoiding motion sickness is travel on an empty stomach.

Keep your head up: Looking down at your cellphone or reading a book is a big no-no! The movement of your eyes can cause dizziness which can lead to a full-blown attack of nausea and vomiting.

Fresh air: Even on a chilly day, it's important to keep the vehicle well-ventilated. Alternate every few minutes and put the windows down to allow fresh air in.

Be prepared: If you can't avoid it, at least prepare for it. Pack yourself some unsalted crackers, a bottle of water, and a sick bag just in case.

Consider medication: If you're looking for natural remedies, try ginger or peppermint. Otherwise, passengers can consider over-the-counter options, from motion sickness patches to liquid medication to "candies" you suck on to slowly release the meds, but also give your brain someone else to focus on. 

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